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The Royal Caribbean Cruise Experience

We sail the globe. We're used to thinking in epic proportions. Intriguing shows. Historic sites. And scenery no postcard could do justice. Sports, saunas and spa treatments. Fine dining and dancing.
The list goes on and on.
No one else sails as much of the world like Royal Caribbean. No wonder our thoughts about vacations are just a bit more far-reaching.
Come walk on a glacier. Daydream under a Banyan tree. Spend the day in a centuries-old cathedral and dine that evening on pasta primavera. Try shopping on the Riviera, hiking in Scandinavia or jogging in the Alaskan mist. Watch the sun rise over the Atlantic and moon shine into the Pacific, all in one day.
The choices are as limitless as the world all around. And yet, where you go is only the beginning of what our vacations include.
No wonder people of every age and every background feel as though our vacations were created just for them. We think of everything, from romantic moonlight dances to family pizza parties, from outrageous comedy to fascinating history. You decide how to spend your time. After all, it's your vacation. So come sail the globe with us. And find out how well-rounded a vacation really can be.
This Norwegian ship-line is one of the "big three" cruise lines (along with Princess and Carnival), and the biggest player in the four-star category. Royal Caribbean International also owns Celebrity Cruises. Royal Caribbean is known for impeccably maintained ships and a very consistent product, which receives high customer satisfaction ratings. Although Royal Caribbean ships now cruise in other parts of the world, including Europe and Alaska, RCI remains a leader in Caribbean cruises.
A four-star cruise is for the traveler addicted to a high level of activity. The "four-star" cruise lines represent the the mass market segment of the cruise business, and consists primarily of large ship operators. Less inclusive pricing but still a high comfort level are hall marks of this type of cruise line. They still present a high level of customer satisfaction, but are definitely not for the traveller who does not want to open his wallet for all the little luxuries that make a vacation memorable.

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